We protect an immense historical, cultural and artistic heritage.

Bromotirrena has been dedicated for many years to the protection of works of art and bibliographic and archival material, intervening with precise methods of disinfection, disinfestation, dehumidification, cleaning and dusting, which ensure excellent results.

The marvellous cultural heritage of our country, guarded by libraries, archives, museums and numerous public and private organisations, is threatened by infestations of mould, bacteria and insects that attack paper, leather, wood and fabrics.

Sometimes extraordinary events, such as floods and building collapse, put it in serious danger. Thanks to investments in scientific research and experience gained in the field in the execution of many valuable works, Bromotirrena has proven time and again to be a safe and highly qualified reference in the field of cultural heritage protection.


    Intervention  for the protection of antique books and precious paper materials involves a thorough dehumidification operation, to which are added, if necessary, vacuum-sealed disinfection and disinfestation  with ethylene oxide; finally, our technicians carry out manual or mechanical dusting, depending on the state of integrity of the objects.

    For such work Bromotirrena uses the latest generation mobile autoclave, equipped with an innovative dehumidification, gasification and gas recycling system, cell heating, vacuum pump and gas abatement during reclamation.

    Dusting can be a single operation if there is no need to dehumidify and sterilise.

    Rooms and shelving are also professionally cleaned and, where appropriate, disinfected against crawling and flying insects (woodworms, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, moths, flies, mosquitoes, etc.), disinfected against fungi, bacteria and viruses, and treated for environmental humidity problems.

    Finally, we pay special attention to the correct order of volumes and documents during relocation.

  • WOOD

    Wood is often the material from which the work of art or its support is made and must be safeguarded from the various underlying conditions that endanger its health and beauty. Bromotirrena is highly specialised in this type of intervention, which can be preventive, curative and ecological, aiming to meet the specific needs of individual cases.


    Among the values that Bromotirrena’s corporate identity is founded on, is the search for innovative solutions, and in the area of controlled atmospheres, we can proudly state that we have achieved very high levels of quality. The technology used makes it possible to eradicate pests while respecting the absolute integrity of the product, without it undergoing any physical or chemical alteration. This is achieved through the construction of special plastics coverings to enclose the works to be treated, inside of which the values of the parameters functional to the disinfestation process are quickly reached: in particular, the substitution of oxygen with nitrogen destroys by anoxia the insects present in all stages of biological development. Since these values must be kept constant for the required time, approximately one month, computerised electronic equipment monitors these values and, with appropriate graphs, testifies to their consistency, guaranteeing the perfect success of the treatment.

    Bromotirrena is able to intervene on a very large scale, being able to contain all or part of the works of art of a museum, so as to avoid its closure and ensure that visitors continue to admire the exhibition halls even those adjacent to the one in which disinfestation is taking place. This is what happened in the case of the Civic Museums of Padua, where Bromotirrena created five enclosures at consecutive times, allowing the museum to continue to be open, and achieved intervention on a large scale never before realised in Europe for treatments with modified atmospheres.