Environmental Sanitisation

At the service of institutions, businesses and citizens for the protection of public health.

Environmental sanitisation is the set of activities aimed at promoting a safe and healthy environment in which to live.

It encompasses a wide range of highly qualified and specific professional interventions for different situations .

Bromotirrena has been operating in the sector for forty years, during which time we have created a network of valuable partnerships with university research institutes, analysis laboratories, agents and offices throughout the country, enabling us to act promptly, correctly and effectively around logistic centres and wherever necessary.


How the intervention is structured


The first phase of any intervention is the study of the problem: inspections, monitoring and the collection of information will enable the team of experts to develop a very precise plan of action.

ln-depth knowledge of the problem and analysis of the data collected during the operational phase enable the development of new control and prevention strategies.


 Our technicians are trained to ensure the perfect execution of all integrated Pest Management activities, an innovative and responsible system that drastically reduces the use of chemical agents, thanks to the integration of mechanical and physical interventions and the use of biological control agents.    

Control check

The evaluation of the results is a strategic moment to prepare, if necessary, any modifications to the intervention plan and to work on improving its effectiveness.


In-depth knowledge of the problem and analysis of the data collected during the operational phase enable the development of new control and prevention strategies.   


Against which enemies we ensure victory

Bromotirrena is a specialised company, which has all the technical and professional requirements laid down by the Ministry of Health and for every assignment strictly follows the guidelines of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.


    The term ‘disinfestation’ indicates all operations that eliminate insects and parasites that are harmful to human health and the environment.

    By collaborating with university institutes and highly qualified analysis laboratories, Bromotirrena has succeeded in outlining prevention and intervention strategies for the control of all insects that reproduce in the urban environment, paying particular attention to both the efficacy and cost­ effectiveness of the services offered.

    Against flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants, woodworms, ticks, wasps, mites, lepisme, spiders, dermestid beetles, scorpions, termites and many others, we adopt the criteria of targeted pest control, always favouring the use of selective techniques and products that do not act indiscriminately on the balance of the ecosystem.


    Man’s battle against mice, rats and rodents has a very ancient history, as these animals are the vehicle of many diseases.

    Our deratization service is based on in-depth knowledge of both the territory and the type of rat, an essential prerogative for obtaining excellent results. The intervention is always preceded by an important study phase of the environment and the elaboration of a specific control plan, which includes combinations of several products and the formulation of the appropriate baits.  As required by law, the latter are placed in sealed dispensers for maximum safety especially in the presence of children and pets.


    Disinfection is a delicate process that uses a variety of techniques, tools and products to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in particular environments such as healthcare facilities and public places. Depending on the case and the type of pathogenic microorganism, various means can be employed, including radiation, heat, biological control, filters and numerous cleaning and disinfection agents. Here too, Bromotirrena is committed to studying and researching solutions to solve the problem in a targeted manner, minimising the use of chemicals to which the pathogen organisms themselves, if exposed too intensively, could develop dangerous resistance.

    The Coronavirus emergency has forced all manufacturing, commercial and service activities to rethink their working methods in order to ensure the health protection of workers and citizens. By virtue of its wealth of scientific and professional knowledge and its matured experience in the field of environmental sanitation, Bromotirrena responsibly took on a leading role for the community: our experts offered free consultancy for the development of the new protocols necessary to reopen and carry out activities safely.

    It was our contribution to always be beside those who of those who look boldly to the future.


Who we can help

Institutions and public administrations, industries, agricultural and manufacturing companies, commercial businesses of all kinds, offices and professional studios, and citizens who care about the safety and cleanliness of the places where they work and live.