Bromotirrena is an established company in environmental sanitisation and the protection of cultural heritage, to which we have added the active promotion of organic farming through the production of Super B bumblebee production.

. These are different sectors, yet they are united by a love for what matters most to us: the protection of the natural, cultural and artistic heritage in which humanity’s past, present and future are enshrined.

Since its foundation in 1978, Bromotirrena has invested in the continuous search for innovative solutions, which improve the quality and effectiveness of the methods used, while minimising the impact on the environment. After forty years, we are even more convinced that the commitment in the initial phase of studying and monitoring the problem and the exclusive use of the latest generation of means and safe products are the only way to offer quick, decisive answers, but above all, consistent with our values.

We take care of what we love.


We have gained extensive experience in the field, thus acquiring a wealth of specific professional skills.


The technical staff is employed on a permanent basis and receives targeted and continuous professional training to carry out the various types of intervention correctly.


We collaborate with university institutes and analysis laboratories, promoting research into innovative and environmentally friendly systems of action.


We only carry out customised interventions, with guaranteed results.


We are proud to be part of ANID, the National Association of Pest Control Companies, which places the creation of a network of specialists in the sector at the centre of its policy.

Our services


  • Pest and insect extermination
  • Pest control
  • Virus, bacteria and mould disinfection
  • Covid-19 sanitisation


  • Dehumidification of paper and wood
  • Artwork disinfection and pest control
  • Dusting antique books and documents


  • Bumblebee breeding
  • Production and marketing of Super B hives
  • Farmer training and after-sales assistance

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